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President - Dr. Zubaid Akbar Mukhtar Ahmad

Has been teaching and conducting research at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia from 1984 until 2017 and was appointed as Professor in Mammal Ecology in 1999. Together with Dr. Tigga Kingston Dr. Zubaid was involved in the setting-up of the Malaysian Bat Conservation & Research Unit in 2001. This unit was sponsored by the United States National Science Foundation, Earthwatch Institute (USA), National Geographical Society (USA), Organisation for Bat Conservation (USA), Boston University & Texas Tech University. Since retiring in 2017, Dr. Zubaid has been actively involved in the Malaysian Cave and Karst Conservancy.

Vice President - Dr. Ros Fatihah Binti Haji Muhammad

A senior lecturer in the Department of Geology, University Malaya. Dr. Ros has been working on karst geomorphology in 1995. Currently involved in collaborative work on karst cliffs mapping with Lidar, karst Quaternary paleontology, and paleoclimate.

Secretary - Dr. Nur Atiqah Abd Rahman

Since 2007, she has gained experience in research on diversity and ecology of small mammals, primarily bats in varied landscapes encompassing mangrove forests, dipterocarp forests, limestone forests, plantation areas, and urban landscapes. She is also actively involved in environmental awareness programmes and youth programmes (ASEAN Youth Volunteer Program, ASEAN + Young Leaders Summit, ASEAN Young Public Servants). Her early visit to the Dark Cave Conservation Site in 2012 made her more aware of the importance of cave and karst conservation. Her recent undertaking is to coordinate the Batu Caves Scientific Expedition 2019 as well as community engagement at Batu Caves. This led her to become the editorial coordinator of the Batu Caves guidebook.

Treasurer - Zarris Kem

Zarris has been caving for 13 years mostly on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. An active cave enthusiast, he is focusing more on karstic landscape projects, and currently actively working within, atop and around the Batu Cave Massif.

Committee Member - Juliana Nordin

Juliana Nordin became a member since 2015. Her love for caves and karst started when she was working as Education Officer (2013-2019) in the Dark Cave Conservation Site which managed by Cave Management Group. She is also a graduate from Universiti Putra Malaysia, Bachelor in Forestry Science (2012). Currently, she is pursuing her Master of Philosophy in Bioscience which is involved in LiDAR mapping and bat roosting study in Dark Cave. Her goal is to build a career in environmental education and conservation. 

Committee Member - Emir Aliff Nasran

Emir is a Biology graduate from Oregon State University. Emir got on board with the Malaysian cave and karst enthusiast community at the age of 23 when he was working at Dark Cave, Batu Caves with Cave Management Group. He had always loved nature and the outdoors, the science and mathematics of everything around him. Batu Caves became his like-minded base camp and immediately a turning point towards a career in conservation and the science of karst ecosystem. In 2019 he got offered to work in Sabah and started a plan to establish a Borneo-based speleological group under MCKC. He is currently working as a Biology teacher at MRSM Sandakan.

Committee Member - Dr. Yong Kien Thai

Dr. Yong is a curator of the Herbarium of Universiti Malaya (KLU) and a senior lecturer in the Institute of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, Universiti Malaya. He has published the moss checklist of Peninsular Malaysia and reported many new bryophyte records for the country. Has been active in research of plant diversity and systematic. At the same time, he has been supporting nature conservation programs in the country.

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