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The Malaysian Cave and Karst Conservancy (MCKC) was established on 2015 to advocate for the conservation of caves and karsts, promote and conduct research, as well as promote proper management of caves and karsts in Malaysia. Initiated by a motley group of speleologists, this organization is a non-political, independent, non-profit public interest organisation. The MCKC Strategic Plan for conservation of caves and karsts is currently being put together. It will identify key threats to cave and karst in Malaysia; prioritise strategies to address key threats, elaborate strategies and formulate a plan of action. It is registered as a society and its membership is open to everyone who is passionate about conserving caves and limestone areas. Its current membership consists of researchers, conservationists and caving enthusiasts.


  • Advance awareness of the scientific, educational, aesthetic, historical and cultural values of cave and karst in Malaysia.

  • Advocate for the conservation of these caves and karst and the diverse ecosystems they support in a sustainable manner

  • Promote and conduct research, on caves and karst.

  • Advocate for responsible tourism in caves and karst areas

  • Promote proper management of caves and karst resources in Malaysia

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